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Resume and Experience

Resume & Licenses

If you would like to review my resume or licenses, click the PDF link below.



Aircraft Qualifications

March, 2022

Airline Transport Rated Pilot (ATP)

Certified Flight Instructor for Airplane, Instrument and Multi-engine


135/91 PIC/SIC in Gulfstream G-IV (SIM 03/22)

Single Pilot PIC In Citation 500/550/560 (Sim 10/21)

Single Pilot PIC in Citation 525S (Sim 10/21)

SIC in Citation X/X+ (C750)

SIC in Citation III/VII (C650)

SIC In Citation XLS/XLS+ (C56x)

SIC in Citation Sovereign (C680)

SIC in Hawker (700/750/800/850/900) (HS125)

PIC in Cessna 340/414A/421

PIC in Piper Cheyenne 1A (PAY1)

PIC In King Air 300/350, 90 & 200 (Single Pilot) (SIM 11/21)

RSVM Training Completed / International Procedures

Mexico/Canada/Caribbean/South America Experience



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